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The Art Bar and Lounge
Bath Comedy Festival 'F' Rating

Click on a performer or performance name to view the associated event details:

Alexis Dubus
Ali Day
Amy Howerska
Andi Gladwin
Andy White
Archie Maddocks
Arnold A.K.B.
Arthur Smith (Sunday Lunch with Lady Margaret)
Arthur Smith (Sings Leonard Cohen)
Bec Hill
Ben Norris
Billy Kidd (Opening Night Gala)
Billy Kidd (Danny Buckler's Magic Salon)
Billy Kidd (Sunday Lunch with Lady Margaret)
Bob Walsh
Bristol Revunions
Carey Marx
Carrie Marx
Chris McCausland
Clown Bert
Craig Leggo
Damian Kingsley
Dan March
Dan Nicholas
Daniel Dagger
Daniel Fitzhenry (Porter Comedy Night)
Daniel Fitzhenry (Solo)
Daniel Fitzhenry (Komedia Arts Cafe New Act Night)
Danny Buckler (Solo)
Danny Buckler (Magic Salon)
David Tsonos
Diane Spencer
Doug Segal
Fred MacAulay
Freddie Farrell
Gary Colman
Geoff Whiting (Opening Night Gala)
Geoff Whiting (New Act Competition Final)
Harriet Kemsley
Harry U Eldrich
Helen Lederer
Hilary Fox
Ian Cognito
Ismo Leikola
Iszi Lawrence
Jack Brown
James Alderson
James Millard
Jamie Morris
Jarred Christmas
Jess Robinson
Jimmy Mc
Joe Rooney
Joey Cannon
John Collins
Johnny & The Baptists
Johnny G
Jon Pearson
Joshua Sadler
Kevin Ross
Kirsty Newton (The Mighty Voice)
Kirsty Newton (Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen)
Kooky The Clown
Krazy Kev
Lady Margaret
Laura Ollerton
Lorraine Chase
Loz Because
Luke Sargeant
Lydia Rickards
Marcel Lucont
Mark Olver
Marky Jay
Martin Pilgrim
Matt Green
Matt Sheahan
Maxine Jones
Mick Ferry
Mik Artistik's Ego Trip
Miss Popularity
Mitch Benn
Mixed Doubles
Monkey Poet
Monty Python
Neil McFarlane
Nick Doody
Noel James
Nutty Noah
Olaf Falafel
Pam Ford
Paul Kerensa
Paul McCaffrey
Paul Ricketts (New Act Heat MC)
Paul Ricketts (Solo)
Paul T Eyres
Pete Beckley
Phil Cooper
Pierre Hollins
President Obonjo
Real MacGuffins
Richard Herring
Rob Coleman
Roger Swift
Ronnie Golden
Sal Monello (Mafia Salon)
Sal Monello (Combe Down With Me)
Sally Anne Hayward (Solo)
Sally Anne Hayward (Krater)
Sam Carrington
Scott Capurro
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
Seymour Mace
Stephan Allen
Stephanie Laing
Steve N Allen
Stuart Goldsmith
Svetlana, The Oligarch's Wife
Terry Jones
Tim O'Connor
Tina T'urner Tea Lady
Unrehearsed Theatre Company
Unrelated Family
VA, The
Viv Groskop
Will Franken
Zoe Lyons

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