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What's on at Bath Comedy Festival

Seymour Mace - Niche as F*ck!

Date: Wednesday 6th April, 2016
Venue: Ring O Bells
Doors: 6.00pm for 6.30pm show
Duration: 1hr
Price: 6

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Here's my hundred words, well ninety one now, make that eighty seven, bugger! Eighty three! Eighty! Phew, shit! Seventy nine! Eight! Seventy two!

Space, ninja, chicken, skellington, gravy, frog, fruit, super, fantastic, circus, strange, journey, monster, mystery, ghost, caravan, clown, death, electric, chaos, potato, balloon, poopy, nipple, elephant, chocolate, beans, fudge, laser, dimensional, fart, rocket, jam, henlike, crazy, golf, juggernaut, sausage, farmyard, toast, Elvis, werewolf, slurp, eggbox, plastic, emotion, titbox, wagon, pirates, shitpants, dead dog, fatty, plop, plop, cheesecake, cheesecake, birthday murder.....niche as fuck!

***** Times, ***** Gigglebeats, **** Mirror, **** Chortle, **** List, **** Fest, **** Skinny, **** One4Review.

"Made me completely lose myself to laughter" - Alex Hardy, Times

"Has the anarchic curveball spirit of Vic and Bob" - Alex Hardy, Times

"Delightfully angry and ridiculously creative" - Victoria Nangle, Festmag

"Like a terrifying clown hiding under your bed" - James McColl, Skinny

"Dark whimsy and flimsy props" - Claire Sawers, List

"His best hour yet" - Claire Sawers, List

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