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What's on at Bath Comedy Festival

Improv Theatre Workshop - Improv Jam

Date: Tuesday 4th April, 2017
Venue: St James Wine Vaults
Doors: for 7.00pm show
Duration: 2hr
Price: Free (donations)

A class for all levels (most of us are beginners at the moment) consists of games and scenes all improvised by the people that come along.

Sometimes it ends up a bit mad but sometimes you can be surprised by the theatre that comes out of nowhere. We start off every class with warm ups and progress depending upon how we all feel and mostly just have a laugh with a few drinks. Plus it is a good way of meeting new people.

No pressure to perform first time, you can just see what we are about and how the classes run. If you would like more information, contact Monty on 07865 424682

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