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Bath Comedy Festival A-Z of Performers

This year there are more performers than ever! Here is a list of who you can see over the Festival (not to mention all the New Act Competition contestants!)

Adam Bloom
Adele Cliff
Alan Francis
Alex Smith
Alex Williamson
Ali Day
Alison Thea-Skot
Allyson June Smith
Angela Barnes
Angie Belcher
Archie Maddocks
Arnold Kuenzler-Byrt
Arthur Smith
Ashley Storrie
Becky Brunning
Ben Bridgeman
Ben Norris
Bentley Browning
Bizarre Bath
Carey Marx
Carl Hutchinson
Carrie Marx
Chris Chopping
Chris Norton Walker
Chris Tavner
Christian Talbot
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd
Col Howarth
Colin Hoult
Croft & Pearce
Damian Williams
Dan Audritt
Dan Evans
David Ephgrave
David Hoare
David Mills
David Tsonos
Diane Spencer
Dorian Wainwright
Drew Taylor
Duncan Oakley
Ed Night
Elf Lyons
Elle Bert
Faulty Towers
Gamble & Hoskins
Gareth Berliner
Geoff Whiting
George Egg
George Lewis
George Rigden
Ginny Adams
Helen Lederer
Henning Wehn
Hilary Chaplain
Hilary Strong
Holt & Talbot
Jake Baker
Jake Lambert
James Redmond
Jamie D'Souza
Jamie Oliphant
Janey Godley
Jarred Christmas
Jem Roberts
Jeremy Towler
Jo Romero
Joanne McNally
Joey Page
John Otway
John-Luke Roberts
Jon Richardson
Jonny & The Baptists
Josh Pugh
Julian Dutton
Kane & Abel
Kate Harbour
Kelly Convey
Kirsty Newton
Larry Dean
Lewis MacLeod
Liam Pickford
Lorna Shaw
Lou Conran
Luke Honnoraty  
Lulu Popplewell
Maff Brown
Maisie Adam
Mark Steel
Markus Birdman
Marlon Davis
Mathew Alford
Matt Cranium
Matt Green
Matt Jones
Matthew Bayliss
Meat Market
Michael Hackett
Miche Quiche
Milo McCabe
Mitch Benn
Morgan Rees
Mother's Ruin
Neil Fowler
Nick Doody
Noel Britten
Patrick Monahan
Paul McCaffrey
Pauline Eyre
Pavel Douglas
Phil Cooper
Phil Kay
Rachel Parris
Ralph Oswick
Rare Species
Rebecca How
Richard James
Riordan DJ
Robert Oldham
Robert White
Romina Puma
Rosie Jones
Sally-Anne Hayward
Sam Carrington
Sam Fraser
Samantha Pressdee
Sameena Zehra
Sarah Bennetto
Sarah Breese
Sarah Slater
Si Deaves
Simon Capes
Simon Day
Simon Evans
Steffan Alun
Stephen Carlin
Tez Ilyas
The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
The Unrelated Family
Tom Lucy
Tom Stade
Tony Chiotti
Tony Law
Unravelled Commedia Company
Unrehearsed Theatre Company
Viv Groskop
Wes Packer
Yuriko Kotani
Zoe Lyons

For a full list of events see the what's on page