Bath Comedy Festival
Bath Comedy Festival venues

Bath offers a wonderful and eclectic range of venues from dedicated comedy favourites to Georgian theatres and more intimate pub settings. Each offers different benefits and opportunities.

There follows a list of some of the main venues in the city, together with their capacities. Please note this list is now a little out of date. The Festival itself programmes some core venues, and is happy to advise - email us with any queries.

American Museum   American Museum
70 Seats. Call Laura Brown on 01225 820862
Assembly Inn   Assembly Inn Cellar Bar
Self contained small venue with bar and stage area. Call Michelle Spence on 01225 333639 or email
Assembly Rooms   Assembly Rooms
500 seats in the Ball Room. 250 seats in the Tea Room.
120 seats in the Octagon. Call 'the team' on 01225 477782
Bath Abbey   Bath Abbey
1,100 Seats. Call 'the team' on 01225 477782
Bath Brew House   The Bath Brew House
50 seat upstairs room, programmed directly by the Comedy Festival as a core venue
Bath Central Library   Bath Central Library
100-150 in the main library, 60 in the Exhibition Room.
Call Sheila Leeden on 01225 787418
Bath Race Course   Bath Race Course
500 seat marquee. 110 seat conference room plus other 50 - 60 seat options. Call Mike Hill on 01225 424609
Bath Spa Hotel   Bath Spa Hotel
130 seats - Avon Room. 50 seats - Kennet Room. Call Carole Devonshire on 01225 444424
The Bell   The Bell
Function room ("The Love Lounge") with its own bar available for hire at reasonable rates. Call Patrick or Jamie on 01225 460426
The Belvoir Castle   The Belvoir Castle
Function room available. Call Steve on 01225 334010 or email
The Egg   The Egg (specialises in family and young audiences)
120 seats. Call Kate Cross on 01225 448815
The Forum   The Forum
A 1,700 seat auditorium, this venue is programmed directly by the Comedy Festival as a core venue.
Gascoyne Place   Gascoyne Place
Lounge seats 60-70 informally; tables, chairs & stage area available. Contact Marty Grant on 01225 445854
GPT Smokehouse (Green Park Tavern)   GPT Smokehouse (formerly Green Park Tavern)
Function room and late night licence.
Contact Robbie Tack on 01225 429509
Guildhall   Guildhall
360 seats in the Banqueting Room. 120 seats in the Brunswick Room.
60 seats in the Kaposvar Room. Call 'the team' on 01225 477782
komedia   Komedia
450 seats theatre style or 270 seats with tables downstairs plus 100 extra upstairs. Call Marina Kobler on 01273 647101
The Mission Theatre   The Mission Theatre
100-150 seat main auditorium.
50 seat theatre upstairs. Call Ann Garner on 01225 428600
The Pavilion   The Pavilion
Up to 1000 seats theatre style, fewer cabaret style. Call Jenny Jacob on 01225 486902
Pump Room   Pump Room
8pm start earliest. 300 seats theatre style, or 160/180 seats with tables. Call 'the team' on 01225 477782
Ring O Bells   Ring O Bells
Small function room upstairs.
The Ring O Bells is programmed by the Comedy Festival itself as a core venue.
The Rondo Theatre   The Rondo Theatre
105 seats. Call Ian McGlynn on 01225 444003
The Rondo Theatre   St James Wine Vaults
Cellar Bar and upstairs Gallery Room available. Call Neil Whiting on 01225 310335
Theatre Royal   Theatre Royal
840 seat theatre.
Ustinov Theatre   Ustinov Theatre
114 seat theatre. Call Andrew Smaje on 01225 448815
Victoria Art Gallery   Victoria Art Gallery
Opportunities for standing reception: 100 standing only upstairs. 200 standing only downstairs. Call Tom Deller on 01225 477233
Victoria Pub & Kitchen   Victoria Pub & Kitchen
A couple of small rooms available. Call Becky on 01225 422563 or email
Widcombe Social Club   Widcombe Social Club
Approx 180 theatre style, this venue is programmed directly by the Comedy Festival as a core venue.