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Christian Talbot & Dan Cardwell - What Would Aaron Sorkin Do?

Date: Thursday 11th April, 2019
Venue: St James Wine Vaults
Doors: 8.45pm for 9.00pm show
Duration: 1hr
Price: 5 or pay what you feel*

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You know what it's like. You were sort of friends when you were young, and then sometime in the 90s, you're both at Uni and you bond over your love of The West Wing, walking and talking your way down life's own Pennsylvania Avenue, the best of friends, until you inevitably fall out over a girl.

So, it's years later, and there's been lives and careers and wives and babies, and attempts at babies, and a hundred things in between. You could decide it's not worth the time, let the past be the past and just think, "What's next?". Or you could ask yourself, what would Aaron Sorkin do?

A play about friendship, life, the terrifying feeling of trying to make sense of it all and how a simple, seemingly insignificant action, can have an effect that reverberates throughout time.

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